The Delta Road String Band

The People Behind the Strings

    The Delta Road String Band was started in 2007 & has been performing in various locations around the southern York County area.  We've been friends for years just decided one day to try the band thing & it's been great!!!  Each band member has a rich history in very diverse musical styles.  Together the magic just happens...

Tim Pritchard

Plays banjo & dobro & sings lead & harmony vocals.
    My interest in music started 32 years ago when I was introduced to Bluegrass music through my wife's family.  I was inspired by her cousin, who was tearing up the banjo as a young boy. This began my journey of learning & exploring the banjo & Bluegrass music. Over the years I have performed with several area bands.  I have also participated in many impromptu gatherings of pickers.  I continue to strive to develop & perfect my style.

Winnie Sprague

Plays electric bass & sings lead & harmony vocals. 
    I have been a professional musician in York County for the past 30 years.  I play acoustic guitar, keyboard & electric bass & I love to sing.  I'm a prolific song writer & I love harmony & that's why I love to be part of the Delta Road String Band. 

Dennis Fulton

Plays mandolin, guitar, harmonica & sings lead & harmony vocals.
    I'm the old man of the group & I smile when I say it.  Their's no denying that I got my first guitar at 13 & that mean's I've been playing close to 50 years.  I'm a self taught musician & a musicologist.  I have known Winnie & Tina for over 30 years & I'm delighted to be playing with such talented singers & players in this band.  I was born & raised in York Co. PA & although I've lived in New York, Florida & California, their's no place like home.

Tina Shaw    

Tina plays guitar & sings lead & harmony vocals.      
    I've been playing guitar since I was 13 years old.  The first band I played in was an all girl bluegrass band called "Ladies Choice".  After I graduated I played an electric Strat in a band called "Hour Glas".  We played a wide variety of music, Country, Pop & we even had a 50s set with poodle skirts, saddle shoes & the whole works.  I've jammed with lots of local musicians over the years & that's how I met Dennis, Tim & Winnie. Now we play out on a regular basis most of the summer, & although it slows down a little over the winter, we jam together just to keep the fun going.